Hiatus announcement!

Hello! i’ll be going on a small hiatus this week for some celebrations. but i’ll be back again with some new posts once i make them towards the end of the month!

studio ghibli meals

if you’re like me, then you are a huge fan of Studio Ghibli movies. and the food in those movies.. holy crap does it look delicious. that happens anytime i watch a show (usually an

weird fashion trends i don’t get

i think i started feeling weird about trends when one of my friends had said to me after school “i mean, they used to look ugly, but i kind of want a pair of Uggs

Rises the Moon and songs like it

I recently found a song, a song called Rises the Moon. And oh my gosh, I ADORE this song. The muffled-ish (?) instruments, the harmonies (oh my gosh the harmonies), and just everything about this

The wonderful feeling of being over-qualified

We’ve all had that one moment where we do a little grinch smile when we realize we’re over-qualified for something. And when it does happen, it’s amazing seeing (or wondering) how people react. Or maybe

Trying to play DnD

Despite the main stereotype of Dungeons and Dragons being complex, it’s surprisingly not as complex as I thought it was. Character sheets aren’t too difficult if you take each section one at a time, and

man wearing black crew-neck shirt

Auditions (they’re stressful.)

so we all know about auditions, and if you don’t i would assume you’re very lucky. now don’t get me wrong i absolutely love theater, been doing it for years, but auditions just manage to

brown tree buds

Allergies? Who decided they were a thing?

(Okay before starting i’d like to point out that the thumbnail is an Alder tree, just because i mention it quite a bit.) Now for some reason, and note for a while I had no

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