studio ghibli meals

if you’re like me, then you are a huge fan of Studio Ghibli movies. and the food in those movies.. holy crap does it look delicious. that happens anytime i watch a show (usually an anime, or something animated to make it look really goof) with food in it, it always makes me want to make whatever meal it is. no matter what it is! so, i’ve compiled a list of food from the studio ghibli movies and recipes to follow from some recipe blogs i really like.

Konpeito (spirited away)

what’s great about these is that they require no prep, you can buy them completely online and they’re a very popular treat in japan! these little desserts are primarily made up of solid sugar, so they provide a nice amount of sweetness if you’re craving that type of thing.

you can get them on amazon easily!

fish herring and pumpkin pot pie (kiki’s delivery service)

to be completely honest, this is a very unique combination of flavors. and too be completely honest, it doesn’t taste that good. but if you’re still wanting to try something similar, you can try this recipe by Sylvia Wakana who made a replica, but tasting even better!

Satsuki’s bento box (my neighbor totoro)

I remember when i was younger and watching this movie, i wanted this bento SO. FREAKING. BAD. i don’t even know why, half of the ingredients on here i haven’t tried, like, ever. but still, that isn’t gonna stop me from making this. it only takes 15 minutes, and makes a quick and easy lunch–or to pack for school, as Satsuki does!

Meat and vegitable Soup (castle in the sky)

the story in this film is spectacular, and the food is too! this recipe makes a good point in how its very similar to a certain pokemon meal… i wonder if i should make more of these but with pokemon instead!

there are a lot of other meals in studio Ghibli films, and they all taste delicious! let me know below if you’ve tried any of these before, or if you’re planning on to in the future!

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