Trying to play DnD

Despite the main stereotype of Dungeons and Dragons being complex, it’s surprisingly not as complex as I thought it was. Character sheets aren’t too difficult if you take each section one at a time, and playing is all up to imagination.

Well, unless you’re the Dungeon Master.

For short, let’s just say DM because I’m too lazy to continuously type of Dungeons and Dragons, and Dungeon Master. The DM is the one to organize the game, keep track of everybody’s stats and abilities, and make sure the game makes sense. Now I really enjoy being a DM, I like organizing and keeping track of things, checklists, etc. But I definitely have some points (if you’re ever going to play DnD) about what not to do.

The main one being that please, please, don’t hand a DM your 50-page lore book of your characters backstory. No, I’m not reading why you have a 3 inch scar across your entire face or why you dyed your hair black, I just wanna know a little snippet of why your character is unique and not a knock-off of twilight sparkle and we can move on.

Another point is that DnD isn’t Roblox, you don’t say *dodges* or *revives* just magically like that, you’ll need special abilities and actual stuff to be able to do that. It’s a short point, really, but wow have I seen it a lot.

Third thing is you really don’t need a lot of stuff (or people) to play DnD. You don’t need a set or anything special, and now you can get the rule book online for free. Truthfully, you only need a paper, pen, dice, and another person. No need for those 20$ campaign books, or super special dice, you can just use plain old dice and your imagination.

Really, all the game is made up of is any rules you choose and imagination. Don’t need to under-complex it, don’t need to over-complex it. Anyway, I’ll be joining the DnD club and my new school next year, so then hopefully I’ll get to play longer and more professional games.

Though in general I’m looking forward to high school (sort of?? I don’t want a heck ton of homework)! That’s all I have to say about DnD for now, cya around!

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