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Auditions (they’re stressful.)

so we all know about auditions, and if you don’t i would assume you’re very lucky. now don’t get me wrong i absolutely love theater, been doing it for years, but auditions just manage to get under my skin a little too much. you go in and let random people judge you or a little monologue and song, go in again to wiggle your limbs to prove you can dance, then screech for another hour or so to prove you can sing. though different auditions take place over different days, it’s still annoying.

the first audition you do is probably the worst, having to memorize a song and monologue when the auditions dates were only announced the week prior is extremely stressful. though it’s nice when auditioning, everybody understands the fright. it’s a thing, for some reason, where theater kids are literally never scared to preform in front of thousands of people, but when it comes to a couple of people it’s scary for some reason.

must be some weird psychology thing, dunno.

dancing callbacks are (in my opinion) the worst, just because you have to memorize a whole dance in a little under an hour.

for reference, the most recent production i’ve done is Moana, and even down to the last week of rehearsals (tech week, ugh, i’ll probably do a blog on that) we still didn’t have the dance fully polished. now in dance auditions usually they give you some grace, and most of the time it isn’t completely necessary if you’re going for a main role (main roles don’t dance a lot).

singing auditions are downright fun in my opinion, you’re sitting with a bunch of friends and once you’ve finished your controlled screeching they applaud you for doing it.

and finally, once it’s all done you have to wait for a callback. a whole day of pacing around your phone while your friends spam you because they got their roles. though it’s fun, afterwards it’s always exciting hearing your own special part and knowing rehearsals coming ahead.

though, coming up i’m doing a show i am extremely excited for, Sound of Music! this will be the first show i ever do at the high school im going to (yeesh, high school, another topic i’ll write about when the time comes.) but for now, i’ll enjoy vacation, or school, whenever this post comes out.

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  1. I agree w all of this, especially the “…but when it comes to a couple of people it’s scary for some reason.” Like it’s so nerve-racking.

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