Rises the Moon and songs like it

I recently found a song, a song called Rises the Moon. And oh my gosh, I ADORE this song. The muffled-ish (?) instruments, the harmonies (oh my gosh the harmonies), and just everything about this song, it’s so cozy, and amazing that I needed to find more similar songs.

So then I went looking on Spotify, YouTube, anywhere else that could have this similar genre. When I tried to google “what genre is Rises the Moon?” I got “Indie”. A little pet peeve of mine is when a anything that isn’t labeled in ‘normal’ genres is either called Indie or Alternative. Rises the Moon doesn’t sound like, the same as Lovejoy songs. So I looked up soft Indie, nope. Soft Alternative, nothing. Nada. Zip.

Until Spotify decided to be a literal saint and add the “similar songs feature”. That’s where I found Velvet Ring, and so much more. Though one that really stood out to me was this Japanese song called “ゆめうつつ”, or Daydream. This song sounded exactly like what I was looking for. The distant guitar, harmonies, changes in music. I might have loved it a bit more than Rises the Moon.

Honorable song mentions: :), After Hours – Live, Inside Out, Señora Diana La Vi (THIS SONG. ?) I’ll link all of these below!

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https://youtu.be/5e1zT7miep8 – Rises the Moon

https://youtu.be/AJdTBPuZkHU – Daydream

https://youtu.be/rj8tOnmzXTE – After Hours, Live

https://youtu.be/8ElVb8YQbmI – Inside Out

https://youtu.be/wOtgPhkf6VA – Señora Diana La Ví

If anybody can tell me what is genre and why they’re so similar I need to know, not need but, you know.

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