The wonderful feeling of being over-qualified

We’ve all had that one moment where we do a little grinch smile when we realize we’re over-qualified for something.

And when it does happen, it’s amazing seeing (or wondering) how people react. Or maybe it’s a couple hours after you had an argument and just now are you over-qualified for the argument… because you spent your time coming up with come-backs for a made up argument in case it happens again.

But in all honesty, people probably barley notice when you’re all like “yeah, uh huh, I did that”. In fact it probably looks funnier from another person’s perspective. Like, you got all this fancy epic music playing in your head and it going out like it’s a cinematic movie and everybody else just sees you slow-motion walking down a hallway.

Okay maybe I’m over-exaggerating, but you get what I mean.

It’s more fun at school though, and especially in math. I take a while to catch up on math work (and I hate math) so whenever there’s a lovely 1 in a million chance that the topic we’re doing is actually easy for me and I get a full-on A+. For reference I mostly get B’s and C’s in math, so I love feeling overqualified in math.

Anyway, overqualified is an underrated emotion, unless that’s just another way of saying pride but you get it.

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