weird fashion trends i don’t get

i think i started feeling weird about trends when one of my friends had said to me after school “i mean, they used to look ugly, but i kind of want a pair of Uggs now.”

and i was just standing there, like what? Uggs? i thought everybody agreed they were ugly, hence the UGG in the name-? for quick reference, here’s what they look like.

little strange to make a trend all of a sudden, if you ask me.

heck, there’s thousands of boot designs for winter all over the place–and everybody decided that these are “the new look”? anyways, this got a thought rolling in my mind about other strange trend people decided to bring back. and don’t get me wrong, i love some (so glad that flared jeans are back) but there are some questionable decisions out there.

the strange adidas yeezys

i think any reasonable person could look at these and think ‘what… what are those?’ because i am NOT seeing it. yes, i think fashion does need breakthroughs and sometimes that requires strange decisions to be made, but these should’ve stayed on the runway. i remember distinctly one day at school i saw somebody wearing these. oh my god. it was terrifying. i think it was more terrifying than seeing it on TV with the runway models, or even videos of people seeing others in these shoes. i didn’t know these people actually existed! let alone look at these and think “oh yeah, i am going to make a conscious decision to wear these to school today.” maybe some people are blinded by the idea of trends, but this is way too far. and i’m not one to diss on others style, but this isn’t much of a style, it looks uncomfortable to wear and it makes anybody in a 5 mile radius uncomfortable too.


okay i might get a lot of hate for this one, but they’re called shackets because its a jacket that looks like a shirt (cough, cough, flannel more like). to be completely honest, this isn’t the worst one on the list so i don’t have much to say about it. but i live in the PNW, so i’m already tired of seeing flannels everywhere. but its not the jac- ehem, shacket, that annoys me. what annoys me is when people pair this with a flannel underneath. yes, that is a trend. and it is happening. right now. didn’t the world agree for once that clashing patterns and colors was a bad idea? yeah. well apparently we are throwing the fashion law out the window with this one.

the 2000s boot cut (and also low rise pants)

so i don’t have a giant issue with y2k fashion coming back, because i really like some of the stuff coming from it. But i don’t know if it’s just a washington thing, or what, but these strange boot cut low rise pants are here. I knew for a while low rise pants would be coming back, since we just came out of the mom-jean craze a couple years ago, but it physically revolts me when they look like these. when i see people wearing these in the halls, from a distance it looks like they’re wearing a big blue box on their legs. the shape doesn’t compliment anybody, and most of the time they’re shorter than actual boot cuts. they’re too long to be cargo shorts, and too short to be wide leg jeans. these sit in some weird middle zone of pants, and it disturbs me.

of course, i hope i don’t have to explain myself with the Ugss, i hope we as a society all simultaneously agree that they look strange.

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